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with Glutality’s Remote Glucose Monitoring

Real-Time Remote Blood Sugar Monitoring and Emergency Support

  • 24/7 Monitoring &Intervention

  • Improved Diabetes Management

  • Emergency Alert System

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How It Works

Glutality provides around-the-clock glucose monitoring and a dedicated support team ready to help you manage your diabetes. You’re not alone; Our system instantly notifies you and emergency services at any sign of danger. Enjoy the comfort of knowing our team is always looking after you.

Check Your Eligibility

Begin by speaking with an Enrollment Specialist. Confirm if you qualify for Remote Patient Monitoring based on your health condition and insurance.

Telehealth Appointment

Schedule a consultation with a Glutality Telehealth Doctor. Discuss

your diabetes management and how the program can be tailored to your needs continuing.

Receive Your Supplies

After your enrollment, Glutality will send you all the necessary supplies. This includes any devices and tools needed for effective remote monitoring.

Real-Time Monitoring

Once you have your supplies, your glucose levels will be monitored in real-time. The Glutality healthcare team will oversee your readings and provide proactive


Ongoing Support

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring and support. Stay connected with your healthcare team for ongoing management and adjustments.

Why Choose Glutality?


Real-time alerts

for extreme blood sugar levels means quick action can be taken to prevent a crisis.


Peace of mind

knowing that you or your loved one is always being watched over


Expert support

team ready to coordinate emergency responses when necessary.

What Patients Say About Us

"I never realized how much Glutality's remote patient monitoring could mean to me until it saved my life. One day, my blood sugar levels dropped dangerously low, and the Glutality healthcare team noticed it in real-time. They quickly reached out to my daughter, my doctor, and even emergency services. If it wasn't for Glutality's attentive monitoring, I might not be here today. It's truly been my lifesaver!"



Glutality Patient Since 2020

"Being a diabetic and a mother, my health was always a concern for my family. Since we started using Glutality, it has been such a relief, especially for my daughter. With a team constantly monitoring my blood sugar levels, she doesn't have to worry as much. It's comforting to know that if there's an issue, Glutality’s team is there to assist immediately. It's like having a guardian angel looking over my health."



Glutality Patient Since 2021

About Us:

At Glutality, we’re dedicated to transforming diabetes management with our 24/7 glucose monitoring and support system. Founded on a passion for health and technology, we provide real-time alerts and guidance, ensuring you’re never alone in your journey. Our technology and team work together to offer peace of mind and immediate assistance when it matters most, making living with diabetes safer and more manageable. Glutality is more than a service; it’s a promise of constant support and care.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I sign up for the remote patient monitoring service offered by Glutality?

Being enrolled is simple! Simply fill out our online form or arrange a conversation with one of our enrollment specialists, and we will assist you with the procedure.

Will the price of Glutality's services be covered by my insurance?

The majority of Medicare and other health insurance plans cover remote patient monitoring. We'll help you to confirm your insurance.

How does Glutality function with various CGM kinds?

Our program works with a number of CGM systems, including Freestyle and Dexcom. We guarantee smooth integration for precise and ongoing monitoring.

If I want to receive a CGM, may I enroll?

Yes, definitely! We can help you navigate the process of considering a CGM if you're thinking about obtaining one and incorporating it into our program for monitoring.

After enrolling, what type of help can I anticipate?

Our medical staff will provide you with continuous assistance, including routine visits and customized care plan modifications depending on your CGM data.

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